pothole city

Potholes in the Twin Cities, it seems, are like weather as described by Mark Twain: everyone talks about them, but no one seems to do anything about them.

Minnesota Public Radio recently put up a SeeClickFix widget that lets you log your favorite potholes (mine are on Mississippi Boulevard and at the intersection of Summit and Ramsey), with links to the official reporting tools of the various government agencies in charge of crater capping. I’m not sure that it’s more than crying out in the wilderness, but I’d encourage you to submit the worst to the appropriate authorities. (I’ve had some luck with reporting shoe-fiti and vandalized phone boxes in the past, so maybe there’s something to it.)

SeeClickFix makes generating a widget very simple, and since there’s nothing I like more than to generate a widget, you can use the map above to record your own special pavement dilemma.

Here’s the list of links provided on the MPR page:

I’d suggest sending along a report to the Governor’s office, too, but good luck finding him these days; perhaps a road trip to Iowa or New Hampshire would be more likely to get his attention? (I can’t speak for Iowa, but I know from personal experience that New Hampshire has its own struggles with potholes.)

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One thought on “pothole city

  1. i HATE potholes…
    so does my precious vehicle…
    a/k/a my new(er) car!!!!!

    just happened to come across your blog and had to comment because the gas station across the street from my house has major potholes, just ran into them today….thankfully i don’t drive much thanks to the bus! 😉

    have a good week!

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